Music can play a vital part in making a wedding reception a really special and memorable occasion.

Typically, Fascinating Rhythm might play a very quiet background set as a trio (trumpet, guitar, double bass) as the guests arrive and are formally greeted. Background in this context means that people should only just be barely conscious that the band are there - an almost subliminal presence. The band would continue to play as drinks are served.

Background music during the meal can also be provided, not necessarily continuously but perhaps over pudding and prior to speeches. Again, the band play at a level that is unobtrusive- people want to talk to one another!

After dinner and speeches, the full sextet come together to play for dancing. This is where it is important, again, not to play too loudly but pace the afternoon or evening so that people that want to talk can still talk and people that want to dance can dance. It is important that the bandleader reads the floor and chooses tunes that will work at a particular time. The band can and should help to set the mood.

At the end of the evening, it can be a nice touch to play the bride and groom out to their car for a grand farewell.

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